Lehrstuhl für Religionspädagogik

Participants of the project

Coordinator RHR 2.0 (2012-2019)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Georg Ziebertz (Germany)

Professor of Practical Theology / Religious Education, University of Würzburg


Coordinator RHR 1.0 (1997-2011)

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Johannes (Hans) van der Ven (The Netherlands)

Associate researcher religion and human rights, Radboud University Nijmegen



Modestus Adimekwe (Nigeria)

Visiting researcher at Würzburg University


Dr. Milda Alisauskiene (Lithuania)

Associate Professor of Sociology of Religion, Vytautas Magnus University


“One of the major things in this project is its international perspective. The relation between religion and Human Rights is very important and relevant for my own country as well and I am glad that I will be able to share my insights on the situation in Lithuania with colleagues from other countries.”

Prof. Dr. Francis-Vincent Anthony (Italy)

University Pontificia Salesiana


Dr. Pal Ketil Botvar (Norway)

Researcher of Political Science, Centre for church research Norway



“I think this project about Human Rights is very important also in Norway. We recently had a church state system what is now formally abandoned it and it is very interesting to see what will happen regarding the situation of religious rights.”


Dr. Elena Bogdanova (Russia)

Scientific researcher of Sociology, Centre for Independent Research St. Petersburg


“I’m very glad to be involved in this promising and ambitious project that, since it involves twenty countries, is rather a comparison research between those countries.”

Prof. Dr. Olga Breskaya (Belarus/Lithuania)

Eurpean Humanities University, Vilnius


Prof. Dr. Gordan Crpic (Croatia)

Head of the department of Sociology, Croation Catholic University


Prof. Dr. Jaco S Dreyer (South Africa)

University of South Africa, Pretoria


Prof. Dr. Simeon Evstatiev (Bulgaria)

Associate Professor of Islamic Studies / History of Islam, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski


“I think it’s a great project because it covers a huge and diverse territory of different countries. And this is also why it is a big challenge, though I am confident that this will be a great success.”

Rev. Dr. Clement Fumbo (Tanzania)

Researcher and academican in the field of religious studies, The Open University of Tanzania


Prof. Dr. Leslie Francis (United Kingdom)

University of Warwick


Prof. Dr. Stefan Huber (Switzerland)

Professor for empirical research in religion and interreligious communication, University of Bern


Prof. Dr. Nikos Maghioros (Greece)

University of Thessaloniki


Prof. Dr. Jorge Manzi (Chile)

Ponteficia Universidad Catolika


Prof. Dr. Üzeyir Ok (Turkey)

Department of Psychology, Cumhuriyet University


“This project will be very useful for the Turkish population in terms of understanding their attitudes towards human rights and the social problems related to them.”


Prof. Dr. Lluis Oviedo (Italy)

Professor for Theological Anthropology and Fundamental Theology, University Antonianum of Rome



Prof. Dr. Milan Podunavac (Serbia)

University of Belgrade


Prof. univ. dr. Silviu Rogobete (Romania)

Professor at West University of Timisoara



Dr. Henry Rozario (India)

Sacred Heart College, Tamil Nadu, India


Dr. Claudia Sarti (USA)

Center for the study of Law and Religion, Emery University of Law


Dr. Iryna Sheiko-Ivankiv (Poland/Ukraine)

Staff Attorney at the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Kyiv

Prof. Joaquín Silva Soler (Chile)

Pontificial University Santiago de Chile



Dr. Anders Sjöborg (Sweden)

Sociologist, Uppsala University


“Researching Human Rights and Religion is very important to increase the culture of Human Rights in European Countries.”



Dr. Carl Sterkens (The Netherlands)

Associate Professor Empirical Religious Studies

Radboud University Nijmegen, NL



Dr. Christos N. Tsironis (Greece)

Senior Lecturer for Contemporary Social Theory, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


"This project truly is a challenge and an invitation. The Religion and Human Rights topic is a crucial field of research and a paradigm of interdisciplinary work"

Dr. Alexander Unser, B.A.

Research Associate, University of Würzburg

Prof. Dr. Viktor Yelensky (Ukraine)

Ukrainian Catholic University Lviv

Dragomanov University Kyiv


“We’re witnessing the so-called great returning of religion in a rather aggressive manner. So the ways of reconciliation between the two sources of authority, religion and politics, is a great scientific and societal task.”

Dr. Ivan Zabaev (Russia)

St. Tikon's Orthodox University


Dr. Francesco Zaccaria (Italy)

Lecturer of Practical Theology, Apulian Theological Faculty


Dr. Katarzyna Zielinska (Poland)

Institute of Sociology, Jageiellonian University

Dr. Sophie Zviadadze (Georgia)

Coordinator of the Civil Integration Program by Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development, Ilia State Univercity, Georgia


“We experience now a renaissance of religion and also tendencies of secularization in Georgia. The results from this research can help us to explain these in our modern society.”