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Catholic theology

Studies in Rome, Italy

Study in Rome

Would you like to study in Rome?
This is also possible, but not through Erasmus.

Currently, we recommend a stay of one or two semesters at the Gregorian University.

In general, the language of instruction is Italian; a level of at least B1 is required at the beginning of the stay. In September, you can attend an intensive language course at the Gregorian University. There are some courses in German, finals are possible in German, some oral exams are also possible in German.

Student status and costs
There is a choice to enroll as a normal student or as a visiting student. This involves different costs, but also different rights. 

The costs for normal students for both one winter and summer course (full academic year) are 2080 Euro for the Bachelor level, 2610 Euro for the Master level. Visiting students pay only 300 euros, but can only take one course and must pay 150 euros for each additional course. 

There are additional fees for the use of the library (annual pass 160 euros). 

For more information, see the Gregoriana's page on tuition fees (

Prior to enrollment, an online pre-iscrizione (registration) is necessary. 

The following documents are required for enrollment:

Photocopy of a valid passport or identity card for EU nationals (for non-EU nationals, a visa for studies in Italy is also required (information can be obtained from the respective consulate or embassy).
Certificate of university entrance qualification (certified copy).
Certificate of previous university studies (certified copies).
Certificate of an Italian language course (minimum duration of four weeks for an intensive course in Italy or a language course of at least two semesters at the university or an Italian language institute; adult education courses are not recognized) or proof of language level of at least B1.
Letter of recommendation from the dean of the home faculty or the pastor of the home parish.

Financing options
If you cannot afford the costs at this time, you must apply for a scholarship on your own. The DAAD offers scholarships for study abroad.

For example, the DAAD scholarships for year-long stays might be helpful. More information, see

It is not easy to find an apartment in Rome. Often, through contacts, apartments can be taken over by students who have spent the previous academic year in Rome.

Further Information
For more information, please read the information provided by the Gregoriana (see