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Catholic theology

Studies in Bolzano, Italy

Study in Bressanone/Bolzano

You would like to study in Bressanone/Bolzano?
This is also possible, but not through Erasmus.

The University
The Philosophical-Theological University of Bressanone/Bolzano is a educational institution for scholarship and research under ecclesiastical sponsorship. Here, you can study theology and philosophy. In Bressanone, German and Italian culture come together. Bressanone is famous for the Dolomites and is the old ecclesiastical center of Tyrol and refers to itself as the "gateway to Italy". In addition, the university offers Italian language courses. 

There are currently just under 250 students enrolled at the university, so individual attention is possible.

Lecture periods run from the beginning of March to mid-June (summer semester) and from the beginning of October to the end of January (winter semester).

The language of lectures in Bressanone/Brixen is mainly German. All courses in the Bolzano section can also be taken in Italian.

Currently, the cost of studying at the Philosophical-Theological College in Bressanone is 272 Euros per semester for free semester students. 

If you cannot afford the cost, you must apply for a scholarship on your own. The DAAD offers scholarships for study abroad. You can find more general information here.

For example, the DAAD scholarships for year-long stays might be helpful. More information, see

The university is helpful in finding housing.


Further information can be found directly at .

The contact person for questions such as how to apply is Ms. Annimi De Monte Oberrauch
( Secretary's Office; tel. 0039-0472-271120,