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Catholic theology

Catholic Theology in Jerusalem "Studienjahr"

Studies in Jerusalem "Studienjahr"

What is the Studienjahr?

Study and live in Jerusalem at the Dormitio Abbey!

NOTE: The Theological Study Year ("Studienjahr") begins in August and ends Easter, so you only miss the winter semester in Würzburg and can rejoin in the summer semester!
Study focus: biblical subjects, Eastern Church Studies, Jewish Studies, and Islamic Studies.
Excursions to the important excavation sites in Israel, getting to know the country and its people....
For more information, visit the Dormitio Abbey and Forum Studienjahr pages.

Contact details of former students for inquiries, e.g. for the selection interview at the DAAD, can be found here.

Application requirements
Study of Protestant or Catholic theology as a major leading to a diploma, ecclesiastical exam, or faculty exam;
or: Study of Protestant or Catholic theology with the goal of the state examination for the teaching profession at secondary level II (gymnasiale Oberstufe);
or: study of Protestant or Catholic theology in a consecutive course of study qualifying for the teaching profession at secondary level II or in a course of study with an equivalent proportion of theology.
Study in the first or second semester after completion of the undergraduate program at the start of the academic year;
or: study in the final year of the BA or the first year of the MA at the start of the academic year. Alternatively, the academic year may be taken as a bridge year between the BA and MA.
Successfully passed examination in Biblical Hebrew as well as New Testament Greek.
Sufficient knowledge of English to be able to follow lectures.
Qualification in a selection interview at the German Academic Exchange Service in Bonn.
The application deadline is December 15 for the coming academic year beginning in August. Application documents can be requested informally at the following address:

Jerusalem Theological Study Year
Dormition Abbey
P.O.B. 22
Jerusalem 91000