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Are you interested in studying abroad at the University of Würzburg?

Why should you come to Würzburg?  Here, you find information regarding our city and our study programmes.

You can find extra courses for exchange students in English:

Questions about studying in Würzburg

We offer multiple subjects of study with a range of possible combinations and focus areas. Here, you have access to an overview.

The study design of our "Magister Theologiae" takes escpecially into account the possiblity of studies abroad.

Our Magister Theologiae in Würzburg offers...

  • ... Courses  in a one-year cycle with few examination sittings due to shared modules. This enables the possibility for individual focus areas.  Our current listings of lectures, you can access  here.
  • ... easy access to most courses and multiple options to combine courses.
  • ... the possibility for incoming students to arrange individual examination forms for a better fitting to your study schedule at home.
  • ... unique and uncommon study areas, such as 'Franconian Church history,' 'History of the Orthodox Churches,' 'Mission Studies and Dialogue of Religions' as well as 'Psychology and Pastoral Theology.' 


Universität Würzburg  counts among the oldest universities in Europe. Besides its study programme, our city has a lot to offer. Würzburg is surrounded by a picturesque countryside and is home to the Residenz and Festung Marienburg (both Unesco heritage sites). Also, Würzburg hosts a variety of cultural gems, such as Mozartfest, Africa Festival, or 'Umsonst & Draußen.' You find additional information here:  Stadt Würzburg  and International Office über Würzburg.

Besides the academic life of our faculty, Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (Catholic University parish) provides an interesting program of activities. There are also a program of university sports, University Orchestra (Akademische Orchester), AK International as well as  further  Arbeitskreise  of student representatives to get in touch with other people and quickly feel at home.

For further activities, see  Mentorat für Lehramtsstudierende (mentor program for teachers in training), Zentrum für Theologiestudierende und zukünftige Pastoralreferent/inn/en (mentor programm for pastoral workers in training) our  seminary.



A legally non-binding overview of the courses normally offered can be found  here.

Information on ECTS credits and examinations will follow shortly.


If you don't have any Erasmus funding, there are other ways for studying in Würzburg. It is possible to apply and enroll as a FreeMover. For that regard, get in touch with Florian Klug or the  International Office.

If you want to graduate at JMU Würzburg, you should our study program for the right fit. Further, our International Office will also help you in that matter.


Our contact person for international affairs is Dr. habil. Florian Klug.

For specific questions regarding our study program, Rainer Albert (as Studienkoordinator) may provide sufficient answers about courses and .

Our student representatives ( Fachschaft Katholische Theologie) may offer additional help.