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Neuer Band in der Reihe "Theologie der Liturgie"


Joris Geldhof, Daniel Minch, Trevor Maine (eds.): Approaching the Threshold of Mystery. Liturgical Worlds and Theological Spaces.

Approaching the Threshold of Mystery brings two recently estranged strands of theology back together, to explore the same ‘liturgical worlds’ and to chart ‘theological spaces’. The editors have assembled a formidable group of scholars from systematic and liturgical theology with the express purpose of examining the mystery of the liturgy with both expert perspectives in mind. The result is thirteen essays that return to a more ‘synoptic’ theology, seeing speculative and liturgical approaches as united together for a common purpose, and ultimately approaching the same mysterious, sacred reality. In today’s fragmented world, this approach is sorely needed, and although many postmodern authors point out the need for healing this division, this volume actually attempts to bridge the disciplinary divide by placing specialists within the same prayerful ‘space’, oriented towards something greater than what is merely enacted in human words and deeds.