Professur für Missionswissenschaft und Dialog der Religionen

African Theol. Studies

African Theological Studies
Etudes Théologiques Africaines
Edited by Gerhard Droesser and Chibueze Udeani


  • Band 1
    Okpanachi, Blaise Okachibe
    Nigerian-Vatican Diplomatic Relations.
    Evangelisation and Catholic Missionary Enterprise 1884-1950, Frankfurt a. Main 2013
  • Band 2
    Kwazu, Fidelis Chineme Bayo Kwazu
    Developing a Visable Strategy of Solving the Problems
    of Poverty in the Light of Human Rights.
    A Case Study of Igboland in Nigeria, Frankfurt a. Main 2013
  • Band 3
    Onyenali, Rowland
    The Trilogy of Parables in Mt 21:28-22:14.
    From a Matthean Perspective, Frankfurt a. Main 2013
  • Band 4
    Nwaigwe, Paulinus Chibuike
    Canonical Marriage Preparation in the Igbo Tradition
    in the Light of Canon 1063 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law.
    Canonical Norms and Inculturation, Frankfurt a. Main 2013
  • Band 5
    Omenukwa, Philip Chika
    An Ecclesiological Exploration of the Four Marks of the Church.
    An Ecumenical Option for the Church in Nigeria,
    Frankfurt a. Main 2014
  • Band 6
    Chimaka, Anthony Ikechukwu
    Formal Education: A Catalyst to Nation Building.
    A Case Study of Nigeria, Frankfurt a. Main 2014
  • Band 7
    Ajunwa, Sylvester Onyemaechi
    Hi-Touch Pastoral Approach in the 21st Century.
    A Response to the Problem of Insufficient Organic Link Between
    Faith And Daily Life in Nigeria, Frankfurt a. Main 2015
  • Band 8
    Ugbor, Chizurum Ann
    Living the Future in Dialogue.
    Towards a New Integral and Transformative Model of Religious Education for Nigeria in the 21st. Century
    Frankfurt a. Main 2015
  • Band 9
    Ikejama, Damian Emeka
    Social Conflicts and Violence among Christian Churches an Denominations in Igboland, Frankfurt a. Main 2016
  • Band 10
    Ahogni, Stanislas Jean Abena, Solitarité et Enseignement Catholique au Cameroun: L'implication des Parents. Approche Analytique et Enjeux Ethiques à la Lumière de l'Enseignement Social des Evêques du Cameroun de 1955 à 2005,
    Frankfurt a. M. 2016
  • Band 11
    Nweke, Kizito Chinedu, Dialogues and Conflicts among Religious People. Addressing the Relevance of Interreligious Dialogue in the Common Public, Frankfurt a. Main 2017
  • Band 12
    Aidoo, Mark S., Shame in the Individual Lament Psalms and African Spirituality, Frankfurt a. Main  2017
  • Band 13
    Mutume, Paul
    Women's Emancipation in Africa - Reality od Illusion?
    A Case Study of Mbarara, Western Uganda,  Frankfurt a. Main, 2017
  • Band 14
    Dinkelaker, Bernhard
    How is Jesus Christ Lord? Reading Kwame Bediako from a Postcolonial and Intercontextual Perspektive,
    Frankfurt a. Main 2017