Lehrstuhl für Religionspädagogik

    The Human Image of God

    ed. by: Ziebertz, Hans-Georg; Schweitzer, Friedrich; Häring Hermann; Browning, Don
    Verlag BRILL - Leiden-Boston-Köln 2001
    ISBN 90 0412031 9

    1 Contextual Perspectives

    • Häring H.: From Divine Human to Human God
    • Nipkow K.E.: The Human Image of God – Reflections on a Paradox
    • Ernst H.C.A.: On Being Human and the Human Image of God
    • Brümmer V.: The Enlightenment Project and the Human Image of God
    • Junker-Kenny M.: The Image of God – Condition of the Image of the Human
    • Viau M.: Creating Discourses about God
    • Huyssteen J.W.v.: From Religious Experience to Interdisciplinary Reflection. The Challange of Empirical Theology
    • Selander, S.-A.: Human Language between Christian and Secular

    2 Experimental Approaches

    • Heitink G.: Speaking of God in Human Language. In Search of an Interconfessional Practical theology of the Subject
    • Fowler J.F.: God’s Praxis and our Callings: Reclaiming Providence and Vocation
    • Schweitzer F.: Distorted, Oppressive, Fading Away? The Dialogical Task of Practical Theology and the Human Image of God
    • Jong A.d.: God in our Talk
    • Hull J.M.: Blindness and the Face of God. Towards a Theology of Disability
    • Fuchs O.: „Priest-mothers“ and „God-mothers“. Qualitative Empirical Approaches to Research and the Human Image of God
    • Gutmann H.-M./Mette N.: „As if there were a God“ – The Things you have to do when you study Theology
    • Knippenberg T.v.: Transcendence and Personal History/Life Stories
    • Hermans C.A.M.: The Other in Dialogue. Interreligious Communication from a Sociocultural Perspective 

    3 Empirical Reflections

    • Bucher A.A.: Modern Youth – Traditional God? The Representation of God among the Schoo Youth in Liechtenstein
    • Ziebertz H.-G.: God in Modern Individualized Religiousness?
    • Lans J.v.d.: Empirical Research into the Human Images of God. A Review and some Considerations
    • Hutsebaut D.: Anthropomorphic and  Non-Anthropomorphic God Representations and Religious Cognitive Styles. An Empirical Study on a Sample of Adults with Hich Church Involvement
    • Pieterse. H.J.C.: The Human Face of God for the Poor
    • Schilderman H.: Blazing the Trail of Empirical Theology