Lehrstuhl für Religionspädagogik

    Religious Individualization and Christian Religious Semantics

    Hans-Georg Ziebertz et.al.
    LIT Verlag - Müster 2001
    ISBN 3-8258-4960-0 - 34,80 DM - 142 pages

    Change in Religion – Problem and Challenge
    Hans-Georg Ziebertz
    Religiousness and Modernity
    Hans-Georg Ziebertz
    Religious Individualization in Switzerland: Christian and Neo-religious Semantics
    Michael Krüggeler
    God: Search and re-search
    Johannes A. van der Ven
    The syncretic Religion of young People: Fact or Fiction?
    Anton A. Bucher
    Youth, Modernization and the Identity of the Catholic School
    The Case of „Days of Reflection“ in Flanders
    Bert Roebben
    The social Significance of religious Affiliation among Adolescents in England and Wales
    Leslie J. Francis