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    Chair of Religious Education

    The influence of Internet-based interactive and multi-coded semiotic systems on religious learning

    The influence of Internet-based interactive and multi-coded semiotic systems on religious learning

    Multi-coding and dynamic visualisation via bible-software and PowerPoint within biblical learning

    Both projects are part of the interdisciplinary research group "Computer-mediated signs and learning in schools"


    Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Ziebertz, Dr. Stefan Heil, Dipl.-Theol. Matthias Stein in cooperation with the research group of the University of Würzburg

    Research problem

    The research group investigates, how computer-mediated external semiotic representation systems impact on mental representation systems of learners. The key assumption is that external representation systems influence internal cognitive structures and learning processes. The projects of the research group therefore investigate the structure of the external systems and their resulting learning processes. This problem requires research within religious education to investigate, how religious signs emerge within the Internet and in other software and how they influence learning processes of 14-16 year old students in schools. Furthermore the problem arises, relating to what conditions determine those processes.

    Research question

    How do computer-mediated signs (Internet, Software) influence religious learning and what conditions limit or support these processes?

    Research aim

    The research aim is to investigate the actual impact computer-mediated signs have on religious learning. By means of the empirical data a media-didactic will be created which allows the research team to specify an adequate methodology for the employment of computer-mediated signs in schools. Furthermore, software and web-pages are designed in order to improve religious learning.


    Triangulative qualitative and quantitative methods


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