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    Chair of Religious Education

    Parents' attitudes towards religious education in state schools

    Parents’ attitudes towards religious education in state schools

    A quantitative and qualitative empirical investigation


    Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Ziebertz

    Research problem

    Article 7 para.3 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany decrees religious education to be a regular school subject in all state-run schools. Since the constitution came into power in 1949 the social as well as religious conditions in Germany have fundamentally changed. This project examines the significance these changes have for the acceptance of religious education in state schools. Those entitled to education, being most affected by these changes, will be asked what their attitude is to compulsory religious education in state schools, particularly in its present form as religious teaching.

    Research questions

    What is the attitude of parents towards compulsory religious education in school?
    Do they reject or support communal religious education?
    If parents do not reject religious education in school what do they expect of it?
    What role does the current concept of confessional religious teaching play in their expectations and perceptions?

    Research aim

    The aim of the investigation is to provide insights which can act responsibly with and decide education-politically, education-theoretically or curricular-didactically. A number of teaching, education and parent groups have agreed to follow the research work and its results with a critical eye.


    Semi-structured Interviews); Grounded Theory; questionnaires


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