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    Correlation between christian-religious tradition and individual-religious semantics

    Correlation between christian-religious tradition and individual-religious semantics

    An empirical-theological study of attitudes of teenagers


    Dipl.-Theol. Andreas Prokopf, Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Ziebertz


    Correlation means the mutual deduction of religious symbolic systems and anthropological dimensions of experience. We are, in other words, dealing with the sort of didactics of correlation that uncover tradition that has already been ‘correlated' within the experiences of the learning group in order to enable religious communication in the first place. To explore this, the project refers to abductive interference.


    Is Christian tradition to be found in the religious experience of Youth nowadays, as far as it is existant in the semantics they use, and, if yes: Which form does this tradition have and to what extent is it combined with the personal religious experience of Youth?


    The empirical analysis of the religious semantics of Youth is to provide information on the form and shape of the semantics used by youth when describing their personal choice of religion. Evidence is to be found about how far we can talk of ‘functional’ or ‘substantial’ forms of religion when observing the communication processes used by Youth to describe their own beliefs. If a further use of not only functional, but also substantial kinds of religion in the everyday conversation of Youth can be observed, it is possible to adapt this knowledge for creating a kind of didactics of correlation, which is grounded in the axiom of one reciprocity between tradition and experience of religion.


    Qualitative-empirical(depth – interviews) and hermeneutical methods (abduction)


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