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    Chair of Religious Education

    Youth in Europe II

    Hans-Georg Ziebertz, William K Kay (eds.)
    Münster/Hamburg/London 2006 (LIT-Publisher).
    370 pages, EUR 26,95



    Understanding Religion and the Religiosity of European Youth: William K Kay and Hans-Georg Ziebertz
    Analytic Tools and Materials: Hans-Georg Ziebertz and William K Kay
    Germany: Believe in the idea of a higher reality: Hans-Georg Ziebertz
    England and Wales: Open theism and materialism: William K Kay
    Poland: Individualisation processes of religiosity in Poland: Wit Pasierbek, Ulrich Riegel, Hans-Georg Ziebertz
    The Netherlands: A peculiar religious landscape: Leo van der Tuin
    Sweden: Swedish young people: Religious belonging and life rites without confession and regular practise: Per Pettersson
    Finland: Individualistic religiosity within tradition: Eila Helander
    Ireland: Growing up Catholic: Religious Perspectives among young people in the Republic of Ireland: Christopher Alan Lewis, Sharon Mary Cruise, Michael Fearn, Conor McGuckin
    Croatia: Religion of youth in Croatia: Gordan Crpic, Ivan Sasko, Duro Zalar
    Israel: Traditional Islands within a modern ocean: Zehavit Gross
    Turkey: Turkish Adolescents: High Islamic faith in a secular state: Recep Kaymakcan
    Religiosity of youth in Europe – a comparative analysis: Hans-Georg Ziebertz and William K Kay

    “This book that carefully compiled all the data gathered from young people through empirical research, gives us the opportunity to understand, on the basis of this data, their philosophy of life, religiosity, their hopes and fears, and to help them to achieve their goals and overcome their fears. This is a great challenge and a task for religious leaders and those responsible in society and politics, respectively.”
    Cardinal Josip Bozanic, Zagreb
    Vice-President of the European Bishops’ Conference (CCEE)