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    Chair of Religious Education

    Youth in Europe I

    An international empirical Study about Life Perspectives
    Hans-Georg Ziebertz, William K Kay (eds.)
    Münster/Hamburg/London 2005 (LIT-Publisher).
    280 pages, EUR 24,95


    “This book contains a report of an extraordinary study about life perspectives of young people in different countries in Europe. It reveals remarkable differences in perspective for the future of the young people in these countries. Are we in the process of establishing a society in which future generations will feel at home and in which they can put their faith? The European Union should support this kind of research. This first report by ‘Youth in Europe’ makes me curios and anxious for the next two reports of this research, which are due later.”
    Lambert van Nistelrooij, Member of the European Parliament (EVP)


    • Part I: Research Context
        Europe as Context
        William K Kay and Hans-Georg Ziebertz
        Analytic Tools and Methods
        Hans-Georg Ziebertz and William K Kay
    • Part II: National Findings
        Germany: Pessimistic but Self Confident
        Hans-Georg Ziebertz
        England and Wales: Cautious Optimism
        William K Kay
        Poland: Family and Faith
        Wit Pasierbek, Michael Fearn, Hans-Georg Ziebertz
        The Netherlands: The Dutch disease
        Leo van der Tuin
        Sweden: Optimistic Individuals open to other needs
        Per Petterson
        Finland: Optimistic Realism and Individualistic Solidarity
        Eila Helander
        Ireland: Growing up Irish: Life Perspectives among young people in the Republic of Ireland
        Christopher Alan Lewis, Sharon Mary Cruise, Michael Fearn, Conor McGuckin
        Croatia: Between a troubled past and an elusive future
        Gordan ?rpi?, s. Valentina Blaženka Mandari?, Siniša Zrinš?ak
        Israel: Certainty within an uncertain world: Worldviews among Jewish adolescents in Israel
        Zehavit Gross
    • Part III: Comparative Perspectives
        Youth in Europe: Correspondence and Diversity
        Hans-Georg Ziebertz and William K Kay
    • Part IV: Tables