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    Chair of Religious Education

    Imagining God

    Hans-Georg Ziebertz (ed.)
    Münster (LIT) 2001
    ISBN 3-8258-5425-6 - 285 Seiten - DM 49,80

    Is the question of God still relevant to our time? Empirical studies from an international perspective show that whilst there are indications of God’s continuing importance, the tendency also clearly exists to perceive the notion of God as obsolete. The articles deal with questions relating to the content, structure and function of conceptual images of God. The studies document the prevailing variety and forms of religious practice and highlight the issues of God present - out of necessity from an oecumenical and interdisciplinary point of view. If and how the question of God is asked is not only of denominational interest, but is also of a cultural importance to the individual and to public life in Europe. The empirical studies in this collection were discussed at the “Würzburg Research Days - Practical Theology” in December 2000.


    • Hans-Georg Ziebertz:
      Reflecting on the Imagining of God. An Introduction
    • Friedrich Schweitzer:
      Research on Youth and Religion in the Perspective of Religious Education. What Religious Educators Always Wanted to know...
    • Andreas Prokopf/Hans-Georg Ziebertz:
      Images of God among Young Germans. A qualitative study with abductional focus
    • Roland J. Campiche:
      Croire: le paradigme de l’individualisation?
    • Enzo Pace:
      The Younger Generation’s Images of God and Religion in Italy
    • Miklós Tomka:
      Persistence and Change of Religiosity and of Sterotypes of God in Eastern Central Europe
    • Wit Pasierbek:
      What God do young people in Poland believe in?
    • Leslie J. Francis:
      God images, personal wellbeing and moral values. A survey among 13-15 year olds in England and Wales
    • Boris Kalbheim/Hans-Georg Ziebertz:
      God in Creation? An empirical survey among Dutch adults
    • Yaacov J. Katz:
      Imagining God in Israeli High Schools - Religious  Versus Secular Perceptions
    • Zehavit Gross:
      My mind is my God - Images of God and self-definition
    • Johannes A. van der Ven, Jaco S. Dreyer, Hendrik J.C. Pieterse:
      Human rights in the name of God?
    • Ulrich Riegel/Hans-Georg Ziebertz:
      Images of God in a Gender Perspective. An empirical typology
    • Tobias Kläden/Ulrich Feeser-Lichtenfeld:
      Religious Attitudes and the Image of God among Theologians
    • Martin Engelbrecht:
      Religious Perspectives of Catholic and Protestant. 'Wanderers‘ in a Rural Region of Present Day Germany
    • Elmar Klinger:
      Speech and Silence. A systematical reflection about God