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    Chair of Religious Education

    Dreaming the Land

    Hans-Georg Ziebertz, Friedrich Schweitzer (eds.)
    Münster/Hamburg/London 2007 (LIT-Publisher), 220 pages


    Dreaming the Land: Theologies of Resistance and Hope is a theme that testifies to the contextual nature of practical theology. This present volume contains a collection of essays with international contributions to practical theology. In their original form, these essays were presented at the seventh biennial conference of the International Academy of Practical Theology (IAPT) held at Brisbane/Australia in June 2005. The dreaming and the land are both concepts central to the thinking of the aboriginal peoples of Australia. The dreaming encompasses the creative and life giving forces which govern and express the lifeworld of these same people, while the land is sacred space where the spirits of the ancestors of all human, plant and animal life are represented. The theme is the common thread in the first part of the book. Here, the search for Theologies of Resistance and Hope is related to experiences in the southern hemisphere, to issues of the land as a concept for practical theology and to questions of human rights.


    Part I:Terra and Theology

    Daniel J. Louw
    Dreaming the Land in Hope: Towards a Practical Theological Ecclesiology of Cura Terrae

    Jaco S. Dreyer
    Land Reform: A Key Human Rights Issue and a Challenge for Religion in Post-Apartheid South Africa

    Raymond J. Webb
    Muslims, Christians, Dreaming: The Importance of Place

    Riet Bons-Storm
    Le Chaim! Pursuing Possibilities of Resistance and Hope for Indigenous Australian Women

    Hans-Georg Ziebertz
    Religion and the Anthrophosphere of Europe: Empirical Reconnaissance among Adolescents

    Part II: Religious Pluralism and Theology

    Johannes A. van der Ven
    The Multicultural Drama: Religion’s Failure and Challenge

    Gerald Hall
    Interfaith Dialogue: Theology, Practice and Promise

    Terence Kennedy
    Natural Law and the Pluralism of Cultures

    Friedrich Schweitzer
    The Development of Religious Identity in Childhood and Adolescence: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives

    Wilhelm Graeb
    The Aesthetic Dimension of Religion Images as Scenes of Remembrance and Hope

    Part III: Religious Practice and Theology

    R. Ruard Ganzevoort and Johan Bouwer
    Life Story Methods and Care for the Elderly: An Empirical Research Project in Practical Theology

    André Beauregard
    Writing a Public Theology within the Challenge of a Pluralistic Society

    Edward Foley
    The Ministry Incident Report (MIR): Ministerial Memory as an appropriate Text for educating Practical Theologians

    Doris Nauer
    Multidimensional ‘Soul Care’

    F. Gerrit Immink
    Theological Concepts in Empirical Research

    Norbert Mette
    Vision as a basic Term in Practical Theology