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Was hat Corona im Bildungssystem sichtbar gemacht?

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Since its beginnings, theology has been concerned with dominion - with "God's dominion" and "worldly" dominion, each in its own right and in their relationship to each other. In this respect, ruleship proves to be a concept that refers to forms of state order, interpersonal relationships as well as to models of the God-world relationship. Religion often has a stabilising effect on the system and thus on rule. At the same time, however, religion is also capable of releasing potentials of resistance to given constellations of power. Central to the debate on "domination" is the question of its legitimacy. The fact that and in what way people exercise power over other people requires justification. Religion has offered different models for this for thousands of years. Which models of rule are convincing, how and why are they convincing? With which discourses and in which forms, narratives and rituals are they justified and staged - and how is digitalisation changing the exercise and subversion of power?

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